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Tip 12 & 13: 17 Tips To Get Your Home Sold

Blog by Century 21 Amos Realty | October 6th, 2014

Deal Killer Odors... A Must Go!

Tip 12: Remove traces of indoor odors

You may not realize it, but odd smells (like traces of food, pets, litterbox,smoking odors) can kill deals quickly. If prospective buyers know you have a dog, or that you smoke, they'll start being aware of odors and seeing stains that may not even exist. Don't leave any clues.

This is especially the case for those potential buyers that don't smoke or have pets. They are more sensitive to those particular odors and can be a huge turnoff and hurt your homes first impress 

Tip 13: Allow Prospective Buyers To Visualize Themselves In Your Home

The last thing you want prospective buyers to feel when viewing your home is that they may be intruding into someones life. Avoid clutter such as too many      
knick-knacks or too many family photo's on the wall and throughout the house. Decorate in neutral colours, like white or beige, and place a few carefully chosen items to add warmth and character. You can enhance the attractiveness of your home with a well placed vase of flowers or potpourri in the bathroom. Home decor and staging magazines are great for tips.