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10 Real Estate Mistake Buyers Make

Blog by Century 21 Amos Realty | February 18th, 2014

Becoming a buyer of a new home is no easy business and many of mistakes can happen. To help all you buyers out there I have put together a list of 10 mistakes most home buyers make. Hopefully this will help inform and educate you when the time comes to purchase your new home.

10 Real Estate Mistake Buyers Make

1) Extremely low balling a seller

2) Not getting pre-approved before loo
king at homes

3) Not fully understanding the costs associated with purchasing a home

4) Not asking questions

5) Not understanding when the legal contract becomes a legal contract

6) Pushing dates up within the contract without realizing everything must follow

7) Choosing to get home insurance after the sale

8) Rushing the offer. In other words rushing to write an offer without fully taking the time to go through     the home and see if it really is what you want.

9) Bidding higher then you can afford

10) Not having a home inspection

These are just a few mistakes that can happen but if you take the time to speak with your Realtor, ask questions these can all be avoided. Realtors are there to help and make sure these mistakes don't happen.

If you have any follow up questions with regards to the above information give us a call at 250-498-4844 or email me at sara@amosrealty.com.

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Sara Amos