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Baaad Tenants!

Blog by Century 21 Amos Realty | September 26th, 2012

Let's talk about 'bad bad tenants'. We do our best to screen all of our potential tenants. We check minimum of three references and ask if they are 'related'. Sometimes they squeek thru and are awsome. Sometimes they start out good and turn bad. So that's what just happend in our of our rental units.

Tenants stayed for 4 years and actually paid the rent mostly on time. However, they started to deteriorate. My guess from what was found in the house was they turned to drugs. We all know what happens after that , right?

In the end we gave these tenants notice. Well guess what? The ******** had a house trashing party. They drew on the walls with felt pens etc, left rotting food and garbage everywhere. When they left, they left everything but a few clothes. What a flippin mess.

So my point today is....Are  you a landlord? Do you carry insurance for this? We can't carry insurance to cover this because we are unable to  insure 'your' property.  If you don't I think it's time to consider it. The next house could be  yours.

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