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Environmenatlly Friendly Broadleaf Weed Killer

Blog by Century 21 Amos Realty | July 4th, 2012

Are you having a problem with small broadleaf weeds in your garden or lawn and want to use an environmentally friendly weed killer? 


The following is an environmentally friendly solution that you may wish to use.

You need one bottle of vinegar (1 Gal) and a bottle of dish Soap 

Mix one (1) ounce of dish soap into the gallon of vinegar. Shake well and you have just made a gallon of broad leaf weed killer.
Put the mixture in a spray bottle, grab a small piece of cardboard and head for the garden area.

Use the cardboard to shield the plants you want to keep and spray the balance. You can also spot kill dandelions in the lawn this way.
How does this work? The acid in the vinegar kills the plant and the soap helps keep the vinegar on the leaf.
Best time to apply. In the blazing sun.
As this is not “Roundup”, you may have to make a couple of applications but you are not breaking your back pulling weeds.

Questions, thoughts, suggestions, please let us know.

Kevin & Brian