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Had Enough Of Bad Tenants?

Blog by Century 21 Amos Realty | October 10th, 2012

Is your tenant constantly ‘late’ with their rent or doesn't pay it all on the 1st? Then here is some great information for you! If they don’t pay the complete rent on the 1st of each month they are considered to be ‘late’. GOOD NEWS FOR TH
E LANDLORD is that the Landlord and Tenancy Act clearly states that the Landlord gets their rent on time each and every month!
Did you realize that if your tenant is ‘late’ three times and it does not have to be consecutively you can issue an eviction notice. Yep, an eviction notice people! You may have to wait it out for the 30 days but they will be out. Even if they go to Arbitration, you will likely win. 

** Remember though, you need to complete your eviction notice on the ‘proper form’. You can either download it from the Landlord and Tenancy site - go to your Government Agent or pop into Amos Realty and we’ll get one for you!