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I need to vent today!!

Blog by Century 21 Amos Realty | April 5th, 2013

Okey so I have to vent a little today. 

I was just asked by a 'buyer' to 'absorb' (their words not mine) my sales commission on their $560T dollar purchase to "assist" them in their purchase. They want to 'work' with me because of my knowledge and expertise especially to this point. 

Do you ask your Doctor, Lawyers, Mechanic etc once they've done their job the lower their pay cheque by 50%? Maybe people should understand more that Real Estate is a business and we don't get the entire commission. Once the office gets their share 30%, then Revenue Canada 30% and marketing etc.22% the Realtor's actual paycheque is much smaller than it appears. I know people see the commission as 'all' gong to the Realtor but it doe not. The average Realtor has to make $60,000 gross year to take home approximately $35,000! Housecleaners can make more money! 

I just received an electrician's bill for approximatley $6000 to rewire an old house. That's a sales commission in my world..........but I didn't go ask him to reduce to $3000 to make it 'work' for me either...

Sorry people but I am frustrated today and needed the 'venting'....