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Tip 17 : 17 Tips You Should Know To Get Your Home Sold

Blog by Century 21 Amos Realty | March 9th, 2012

Tip 17: Find Out What The Buyer Can Really Pay

This tip is really suited towards those who are trying to sell their home on their own. My strong suggestion is as soon as possible, try to learn the amount of mortgage the buyer is qualified to carry and how much his or her down payment is.

You really want to ask probing questions and find this out as soon as you can to see if they are serious buyers. Alot of the time, if you have individuals knocking on your door, they are looky-loo's just interested in finding out what your home looks like inside. They may have been walking by one day and noticed your home was for sale and was intrigued enough to want to take a look.

You want to ask these potential buyers if they have been prequalified at their bank or if they have talked  to a mortgage broker. If the haven't, they may not even know what their price range is and they could be wasting your time if it turns out they can't afford to purchase to your home.

Remember...your time is precious and no one wants to waste their time. So ask don't be afraid to ask questions.

This however can be all bypassed when using a agent. An agent's job is to prequalify buyers and ensure your property is only shown to those that can afford your particular price range. They also market your property in the best possible way and get the word out to as many potential buyers as they can in a multitude of avenues.

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