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Week 17 of 52 Things To Do In The South Okanagan

Blog by Century 21 Amos Realty | January 25th, 2013


We have reached
Week 17 and I thought it should be something a bit different and not a place many people know about. It is located in Peachland, only about an hour away from Oliver.  A place unique in it's very own way. Are you curious yet?

Go take a visit to Parrot Island!! This wonderful little place is a rescue home for birds that have been abandoned or mistreated, and in a big need of a good home. They are birds of all colours, sizes and personalities. Sadly some had pulled there feathers out from stress, boredom or fear. This is not due to a lack of treatment as they are taken care of tremendously by to very caring people. Ray and Valarie Parkes work together to keep these animals healthy, however they work based on donations and the kindness of there hearts.

Now your probably wondering if they keep all these birds permanently and the answer is no. They look for loving homes and people that could that benefit from the companionship and love that come with each bird. Matching them with there unique personalities and quirks. It creates a win, win situation :)

Not only are there some fabulous birds to meet but in the summer you can enjoy a nice picnic under some shady trees and pet some ponies. Doesn't that sound like a fun day with the kids? Why not get out of the house and the kids away from the tv?

The cost to visit these wonderful birds is only $5 per adult and $3 per child. Really inexpensive, right? If you would like to help out they gratefully accept food supplies such as hazelnuts, tea biscuits, fruit or cash donations.

So why not take a stroll down to see some parrots, when was the last time you had some fun? Has you child ever seen one? It could be an educational experience. 

If you would more information visit http://www.parrotisland.net/howtogive.htm

That is all for this week, until next time.