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Week 3 of 52 Things To Do In The South Okanagan

Blog by Century 21 Amos Realty | April 23rd, 2012

Week 3 of 52 Things to do in the South Okanagan

Outside of Hester Creek 

We made it to week 3 on 52 Things to do in the South Okanagan and this week we are featuring the Terrafina Restaurant located at the Hester Creek Winery.  

Terrafina is one of the newest restaurants in the Oliver area but also great place not only to dine at but also to take some cooking lessons.  You can do so starting in April right through to October!  April is sold out but there looks like there is still room in the comming months. 

For those of you that havn't gone to one of there acclaimed cooking classes I will give you a bit of information on how it works. Yourself or a partner are one of 14 individuals that are seated in there fantastic kitchen, all around a fantastic granite island. This isnt actually in the Terrafina Restaurant but actually just off the Hester Creek tasting room. Nonetheless here you watch one of the best chefs put together muli-course menu with the wines made right at Hester Creek. Its just the 14 of you and the chef, ask questions, sample the different flavours and best of all take the recipes home to try yourself.

If your looking to for a little get away and not just cooking lessons you can also stay at Hester Creek Villa's. Why not enjoy one in your very own back yard? Relax after a full belly and great converstaion. These are located right up on the hill with great views of the valley, vineyard and blossoming orchards. Enjoy beautiful sites from every direction along with a home made breakfast in the morning.  

I've heard nothing but great things on the entire expirence of Hester Creek. Friends of mine enjoyed the cooking expirience last summer and had rave reviews. So I suggest go take a look and expirience it for yourself, its a great memory to create! For more information check out the Hester Creek website below.


P.S If you haven't come by for a visit here's what Hester Creek and Terrifina looks like.. Come check out for yourself :)

Until next week

Sara Amos

Where the cooking begins....
Doesn't this look like a great spot to conjur of tastey dishes? 

HEster Creek 009.jpg
Terrafina Restaurant
 What are you going to try?