Real Estate Services


The following is an outline of our Real Estate services and how we go about meeting our client's needs and getting their property sold.  

We utilize a variety of marketing avenues to promote your listing as well as encourage the sale of your property. Our services may include:

 All internet media sites including but not limited to.




We also keep track of our promotional avenues so we can provide statistical updates on how your listing is being viewed. We believe working with our clients to get their property sold is the best relationship. This includes remaining in contact as frequently as our clients prefer; eg. Weekly, monthly, etc. This ensures our clients remain up to date on their listing as well as on the market in general. Listening to our clients and making sure their needs are being met is our top priority and to do so, we must have communication.


Further to promoting your listing we also provide the following:

The above list summarizes the services provided by our firm, however, the actual Real Estate services would be custom tailored to meet the needs of the individual property.

The Real Estate Division employs fully licensed Realtors. We would be please to provide references upon your request.

Should you require further information concerning the services provided by our firm, we'd be please to meet with you and answer any and all questions you may have.

For any additional information please feel free to contact us.